Cable assemblies
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Cable assemblies

Our aim is to supply our customers with complete cable solutions. Our engineering expertise, pro-active approach, combined with our flexibility in logistics will enable our customers to concentrate on their core activities.

Whether you need one cable assembly or a full range of various assemblies we will play an important role in:

Cost reduction:

We will advise with the selection of all the components needed such as cable & wire and connections. The way the cable assembly is designed plays an important role in the production process and the cost of the assembly.

Early involvement during the design process will save a lot of money. After all we have a lot of experience in designing and producing cable assemblies.

Our flexibility in logistics:

We are more than just a supplier. We take it a step further. Our challenge is to support and to offer logistical solutions in the difficult search for interconnection materials, wire & cable and cable assemblies. In order to make this happen, Belko continues to improve our already extensive network of specialized manufacturers and distributors from all over the world. We will work pro-active with our customers to fulfil their logistical needs. Due to our extensive network we can source the components needed quickly and are therefore able to offer short lead-times!!

Supplier reduction:

A good product requires a lot of work from our customers, not only during, but also after the design phase. Components and semi-finished products often have to be purchased from different suppliers all around the world. Each supplier has his own prices, delivery times, currency and purchasing conditions. The coordination of this all takes up a lot of time in your purchasing, technical and logistics departments. You can hand over this work to Belko. This way of working allows our customers to concentrate on their core business and activities. Besides this it saves a lot of money and time.


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