Supply Chain management
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Supply Chain management


Everything under one roof

Belko has built up an extensive global network of manufacturers and suppliers over the last 20 years. Nevertheless, we remain independent so that we can always deliver the best for our customers. With our long-standing experience we can offer you the desired technical support, but we’ll also find the best customised offer for you. From the moment you address your question to Belko you’ll only have to deal with one company: Belko will take care of everything for you. We’ll deliver the products according to your schedule and specifications. No need to worry any more about the purchase, the logistics, the administrative or the financial issues.


Supplier reduction

A good product requires a lot of work from you, not only during, but also after the design phase. Components and semi-finished products often have to be sourced from different suppliers all around the world. Each supplier has his own prices, delivery times, currency and purchasing conditions. The coordination of all this takes up a lot of time in your purchasing, technical and logistics departments. So much so that some customers have handed this work over to Belko, allowing them to concentrate exclusively on the most important thing: the end product.


Material procurement worldwide

Belko works with an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers and has the capacity and the knowledge to shop around for individual parts anywhere in the world. Are you struggling to locate a specific connector? The Belko specialists will find it!