Vendor Management
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Vendor Management

Stock (JIT)

Our customers are smart enough to keep their processes as ‘lean’ as possible, quite simply because this pays at the end of the day. If you want to avoid high minimum order quantities and wish to stock as little as possible whilst still enjoying quick delivery times, you have come to the right place. Apart from its own stock, Belko can stock items for you and deliver them at your chosen date and in the quantity specified by you. Moreover we can offer you firm contract prices for this.


Vendor-managed Inventory

VMI offers many advantages to the customer. A balance sheet free of remaining stock, no risk of loss or breakage, stock permanently available, less employee resource intensive, fewer traffic movements, much reduced administrative expenses. Belko will manage your stocks as per your instructions, based on your rolling forecast. Our full commitment to a mutually managed project will generate considerable savings for you, both in ongoing revenue and in reserves.


Call-off orders

You want monthly deliveries but your manufacturer insists on producing and delivering your annual need in one go? Belko can help you. Your parts will be kept in our modern and heated warehouses and will be delivered and invoiced as per your instructions.