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100021299 (H01000A0004)

Article number 5043862

High-precision interconnect cables, wires and cable assemblies

Telegaertner SAP nr.: 100021299
Manufacturer partnr.: H01000A0004
EAN.: 4018359539771
Remarks: End launcher, Au, solder/crimp
Assembly: D0803
Euroclass: Not relevant
Flaming droplets: Not relevant
Smoke production: Not relevant
Acidity: Not relevant
Cable group; cable: G7 (RG-316/U)
Mount. dim.: Z152
G7: RG-316/U, KX 22A, KX 3B, RG-174/U, RG-188A/U, MRC 100 Flex (0.48L/1.5 AF)
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