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100024283 (J01028B0056)

Article number: 5044058

High-precision interconnect cables, wires and cable assemblies

Telegaertner SAP nr.: 100024283
Manufacturer partnr.: J01028B0056
EAN.: 4018359541842
Performance Characteristics:
2.7 GHz High-Performance Suppressors with Gas Discharge Tube (GDT G27): The gas discharge tube (GDT) type suppressor discharges high voltage surges from the centre conductor via the outer conductor to ground. When a defined voltage on the centre conductor of the coaxial line is exceeded, the gas discharge tube that is positioned between the inner and outer conductor fires and shorts them. Advantages of this type of suppressor are the very high discharge currents (up to 40 kA, 8/20 impulse), availability with a variety of spark-over voltages from 75 V to 600 V, and broadband suitability (DC to 2.5 GHz). The gas discharge tube can be replaced during service checks.,
3.8 GHz High-Performance Suppressors with Gas Discharge Tube (GDT G38): For extending the use cases of our High-Performance Suppressors to 5G applications, Telegärtner has designed an all-new product family that performs with very good return loss values at high frequencies up to 3.8 GHz. The new product category works the same way as the G27 family does. The customer may also choose between spark-over voltages of 75 to 600 V. The gas discharge tube can also be exchanged. This development was used as an opportunity to introduce new 4.3-10 and 2.2-5 Surge Suppressor types to the portfolio.,
6 GHz Compact Suppressors with Gas Discharge Tube (GDT G6): This range of surge suppressors works on the same principle as the high performance gas discharge tube suppressors. It differs from the G27 or G38 types with its more compact design, and by the significantly wider frequency range - up to 6 GHz. This means that these devices can be used - amongst other applications - for Wi-Fi systems operating at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. The maximum discharge currents at 10 kA (single 8/20 impulse) and 5 kA (multiple 8/20 impulse) are somewhat lower than those of the high-performance types, and the spark-over voltage is defined at 150 V to 250 V. The surge suppressors are bulkhead designs.,
Lambda/4 Shorting Stubs: The design of this type of suppressor involves a direct, solid short-circuit between inner and outer conductor. The length of short-circuit path is designed in a way that after total reflection, certain frequencies are back in phase with the input signal frequency. All other frequencies outside the defined frequency ranges are shorted and discharged to ground. Advantages of this type of suppressor are the extremely high discharge currents (> 100 kA, 8/20 impulse); they are completely service-free, and are suitable for intermodulation-sensitive applications. Special designs, which also allow DC currents for e.g. feeding mast-top antenna amplifiers to pass along the coaxial line, are also available.

Remarks: f-m with gas discharge tube (exchangable), bulkhead type
Assembly: B86
Euroclass: Nicht relevant
Flaming droplets: Nicht relevant
Smoke production: Nicht relevant
Acidity: Nicht relevant
Technical Information: 600 V; 2.7 GHz, IP67
Mount. dim.: Z010
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