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100025214 (J01440A2001)

Article number: 5044104

High-precision interconnect cables, wires and cable assemblies

Telegaertner SAP nr.: 100025214
Manufacturer partnr.: J01440A2001
EAN.: 4018359500092
The compact, installation-friendly 4.3-10 RF connectors
have been specially developed to meet the ever increasing demands in mobile radio communication applications. The small
size and low weight of these connectors do justice to the miniaturisation of mobile radio network components. Despite their
size, the connectors guarantee excellent return loss and passive
intermodulation performance (PIM) levels. In addition, the new
connector series is very variable, since one universal cable jack
is suitable for mating with 3 different cable plug designs. All of
the 4.3-10 connectors meet the requirements of IP68 and, because of the excellent properties of materials used, are suitable
for temperatures ranging from -40° C up to +85° C. Customised connector designs for use at higher temperatures are also
possible on demand .

Remarks: solder/solder, IP68
Assembly: E04
Euroclass: Not relevant
Flaming droplets: Not relevant
Smoke production: Not relevant
Acidity: Not relevant
Cable group; cable: G10 (UT-141)
Type: Hand Screw Type
G10: EZ 141, 1673A, RG-402/U, SUCOFORM 141, UT-141, Flexiform 402
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