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100025475 (J01460A2010)

Article number: 5044149

High-precision interconnect cables, wires and cable assemblies

Telegaertner SAP nr.: 100025475
Manufacturer partnr.: J01460A2010
EAN.: 4018359544942
Performance Characteristics:
Space and weight savings due to compact design,
Optimized for 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2“ corrugated cables,
Very low PIM values independent from torque and coupling mechanism,
Contact areas protected from damage even when not mated,
Screw, Handscrew and Push Pull options with same jack

Remarks: crimp/crimp, IP68
Assembly: A5131
Euroclass: Not relevant
Flaming droplets: Not relevant
Smoke production: Not relevant
Acidity: Not relevant
Crimp die: N01003A0056
Cable group; cable: G30 (1.5/3.8), G54 (1.5/3.8 FLEX)
Type: Hand Screw Type
G30: 02YS(ST)CY 1.4/3.7-50, 02YS(ST)CY 1.4/3.7-50 LI, 1.4/3.8 AF, 7808A, CNT-240, HPF 240, LMR-240, MRC 240 AFB, S 04172 D, SPEEDFOAM 240 HFJ, SX 04172 B-60, TZC 500 25, WCX240
G54: H 155, LOW LOSS 1.4/3.8
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